Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 16II/2 — arf ‘The wealth’

Uppgǫngu vann yngvi
arflógandi gnóga;
gerði hilmir Hǫrða
hjǫrþey á Skáneyju.

Arflógandi yngvi vann gnóga uppgǫngu; hilmir Hǫrða gerði hjǫrþey á Skáneyju.

The wealth-squandering sovereign launched an ample advance ashore; the prince of the Hǫrðar [NORWEGIAN KING = Magnús] caused a thawing wind of swords [BATTLE] on Skåne (Skáney).


[2] arf‑: so FskBˣ, 51ˣ, ítr H, Hr, týr Flat


[2] arflógandi ‘wealth-squandering’: The pres. part. lógandi ‘destroying, squandering’ demands a suitable object. (a) The FskBˣ reading arf-, from arfr ‘inheritance, hereditary treasure’ is confirmed in 51ˣ and is the best candidate, giving the sense ‘squandering his inherited treasure (by giving it lavishly)’, cf. the kenning hoddlógendr ‘squanderers of the treasure-hoard’ (HaukrV Ísldr 2/4IV). Arflógandi could either be an adjectival pres. part., as assumed here, or a kenning, standing in apposition to yngvi ‘sovereign’ (l. 1). (b) Ítrlógandi ‘splendidly squandering/destroying’ in H-Hr would not make sense in the absence of an explicit object such as ‘treasure’, and it may be a corruption due to the influence of the similar Arn Hardr 10/1-2. (c) The reading of Flat, ‘tyr log’, is clearly corrupt. (d) Emendation, to auð(lógandi) ‘wealth(-destroying)’ as in Skj B and LP or to ýs ‘of the yew(-bow)’ in Skald and NN §2520 is not necessary.



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