Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Lv 6II/3 — skinna ‘of skins’

Sigurðr eggjaði sleggju
snák váligrar brákar,
en skafdreki skinna
skreið of leista heiði.
Menn sôusk orm, áðr ynni,
ilvegs búinn kilju,
nautaleðrs á naðri
neflangr konungr tangar.

Sigurðr sleggju eggjaði snák váligrar brákar, en skafdreki skinna skreið of heiði leista. Menn sôusk orm búinn kilju ilvegs, áðr neflangr konungr tangar ynni á naðri nautaleðrs.

The Sigurðr of the sledge-hammer [SMITH] incited the snake of the dangerous tanning tool [TANNER], and the scraping-dragon of skins [TANNER] slithered across the heath of feet [FLOOR]. People were afraid of the reptile clad in the covering of the sole-path [FOOT > SHOE], before the long-nosed king of tongs [SMITH] overcame the serpent of ox-leather [TANNER].


[3] skinna: om. Hr




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