Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Lv 2II/4 — kald ‘cold’

Sumar annat skal sunnar
— segik eina spô — fleini
— vér aukum kaf króki —
kaldnefr furu halda.

Annat sumar skal kaldnefr halda furu fleini sunnar; segik eina spô; vér aukum kaf króki.

Next summer shall cold-beak [the anchor] hold the fir vessel with its fluke further south; I speak a prophecy; we will increase the plunging of the hook.


[4] kald‑: kall‑ H, Hr


[4] kaldnefr ‘cold-beak [the anchor]’: This prioritises the Hkr reading (-nefr also in H, Hr) and adopts a traditional interpretation. Editing the Mork text alone, Gade suggests that ‘calldnez’ represents kaldnets. Combined with the Mork reading skal ek in l. 1 (also Fsk Bˣ and Flat), this gives skalk halda kaldnets furu fleini ‘I shall hold the fir-tree of the cold trawl net [SHIP] with the anchor-fluke’.



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