Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Sex 10II/3 — dýr ‘the splendid’

Vatn lézt, vísi, slitna,
víðkunnr, of skǫr þunnri,
(dýr klufu flóð) þars fóruð
(flaust) í Danmǫrk austan.
Bauð hǫlf við sik síðan
sonr Ôleifs þér (hôla
frændr, hykk, at þar fyndisk
fegnir) lǫnd ok þegna.

Lézt vatn slitna, víðkunnr vísi, of þunnri skǫr, þars fóruð í Danmǫrk austan; dýr flaust klufu flóð. Síðan bauð sonr Ôleifs þér hǫlf lǫnd ok þegna við sik; hykk, at frændr fyndisk þar hôla fegnir.

You caused the water to be parted, wide-famed leader, around the thin planking, as you travelled from the east into Denmark; the splendid ships clove the flood. Then Óláfr’s son [= Magnús] offered you half the lands and retainers with himself; I think that the kinsmen met there most joyfully.



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