Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 13VII/6 — virkta ‘affectionate’

Daprar þeim urðu        inar dimmu nætr;
        engan máttu þeir sætan sofa;
en af þeim harmi        rann heipt saman
        millum virktavina.

Inar dimmu nætr urðu þeim daprar; þeir máttu engan sætan sofa; en heipt rann saman af þeim harmi millum virktavina.

The dark nights became gloomy for them; they could sleep no sweet [sleep]; but enmity sprang up from that grief between those affectionate friends.


[6] virktavina: ‘virta’ 166bˣ, virtra papp15ˣ, 738ˣ, 167b 6ˣ, 214ˣ, 1441ˣ, 10575ˣ, ‘virtar’ 2797ˣ


[6] virkta- ‘dear, kind, affectionate’: Some kind of emendation is necessary here, as 166bˣ’s ‘virta’ does not give sense. ‘Virtra’ ‘honoured’, possibly a correction of ‘virta’, is found in 32 mss including papp15ˣ and 738ˣ, but does not give very good sense in context. Virkta- is assumed here to be the first element of a cpd virktavinr (cf. Fritzner: virktavinr), the adv. virkta, formed from the gen. pl. of virkt f. ‘tender care, affection’, This emendation was first proposed by Munch (1847, 179), and adopted by Falk, Björn M. Ólsen, Fidjestøl, Njörður Njarðvík (1991) and Skj B (virkða vina). Kock (Skald and NN §1272) emends to millum virkra vina ‘between valued friends’.



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