Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hryn 21II/3 — þínir ‘your’

Allvaldr, dýrkaz út með Serkjum
innanlands af mildi þinni
— þjóðum líka þínir haukar
þaðra — alt með Blálands jaðri.
Víða hrjóta veglig mæti
vægðarlaust af yðrum frægðum;
hollar prýða heiminn allan
hnossir þínar, mærðar tínir.

Allvaldr, dýrkaz af mildi þinni innanlands með Serkjum alt út með jaðri Blálands; þjóðum þaðra líka haukar þínir. Veglig mæti hrjóta víða vægðarlaust af frægðum yðrum; hollar hnossir þínar prýða allan heiminn, tínir mærðar.

Mighty ruler, you are worshipped for your generosity within the land among the Saracens all the way out along the coast of Africa; the people there like your hawks. Grand, precious things spread far and wide incessantly about your reputation; your valuable treasures adorn the whole world, gatherer of glory [KING].


[3-4] þjóðum þaðra líka haukar þínir ‘the people there like your hawks’: Hákon had previously sent falcons to King Henry III of England (Helle 1968, 106). Falcons were used for hunting and were exported from Greenland, Iceland and Norway at a high price or sent as presents to foreign monarchs. As Kock pointed out, this can be construed with alt með jaðri Blálands ‘all the way along the coast of Africa’ (l. 4) (NN §3150).



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