Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hryn 15II/4 — þínum ‘your’

Digla eldr var sénn í segli,
sviptilundr, á dýrðar skriptum
— rísa tóku roðnir hausar —
Rínar logs, yfir dreka þínum.
Unnar (þóttu eisur brenna
Ullar fars af slegnu gulli)
fasti rauð yfir flota glæstum
flesta rönd (á skeiðabröndum).

Eldr digla var sénn á skriptum dýrðar í segli yfir dreka þínum, sviptilundr logs Rínar; roðnir hausar tóku rísa. Fasti unnar rauð flesta rönd yfir glæstum flota; eisur þóttu brenna af slegnu gulli fars Ullar á skeiðabröndum.

The fire of crucibles [GOLD] was seen on the figures of glory on the sail over your dragon-headed warship, flinging-tree of the flame of the Rhine <river> [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN]; the reddened heads began to rise. The fire of the wave [GOLD] reddened most of the shields above the adorned fleet; cinders seemed to burn from the hammered gold of the ship of Ullr <god> [SHIELD] on the warships’ prows.



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