Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hryn 9II/3 — vápna ‘of weapons’

Styrkir gengu menn und merkjum
málma lunds á víðri grundu
— valgammr sleit at vápna móti
varma bráð — af þínu ráði.
Sjálfri skipti örn við úlfa
ógnarbáru höfuðsára
(gyldir stóð yfir greypra hölda
grimrar þjóðar (meginblóði).

Styrkir menn gengu und merkjum lunds málma á víðri grundu af ráði þínu; valgammr sleit varma bráð at móti vápna. Örn skipti við úlfa sjálfri ógnarbáru höfuðsára grimrar þjóðar; gyldir stóð yfir meginblóði greypra hölda.

Strong men marched beneath the banners of the tree of weapons [WARRIOR = Hákon] on the wide plain according to your plan; the corpse-vulture [RAVEN/EAGLE] tore the warm flesh at the meeting of weapons [BATTLE]. The eagle shared with the wolves the very battle-wave [BLOOD] from the head-wounds of the fierce people; the wolf stood over the life-blood of cruel warriors.


[3] at móti vápna ‘at the meeting of weapons [BATTLE]’: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) takes this prepositional phrase with the first cl., which creates an unnecessarily complex w. o. (see NN §1350).




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