Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Magnfl 3II/4 — hraustr ‘a valiant’

Aur spornuðuð, arnar
ilrjóðr, af Svíþjóðu;
herr fylgði þér, harri,
hraustr í Nóreg austan.
Flýði Sveinn enn síðan
sannráðinn frá láði;
erlendis frák undan
Alfífu son drífa.

Spornuðuð aur, ilrjóðr arnar, af Svíþjóðu; hraustr herr fylgði þér, harri, austan í Nóreg. Enn síðan flýði Sveinn, sannráðinn, frá láði; frák son Alfífu drífa undan erlendis.

You trod the soil, sole-reddener of the eagle [WARRIOR], on the way from Sweden; a valiant army followed you, prince, from the east into Norway. Later again Sveinn fled, truly betrayed, from the land; I learned that Ælfgifu’s son [= Sveinn] dashed away abroad.


[4] hraustr: hraust F


[4] hraustr ‘valiant’: The adj. is here taken with herr ‘army’ (as in the prose w. o. above and in ÍF 28 and Hkr 1991), cf. the prúðir hirðmenn ‘splendid retainers’ in st. 2. It could equally well qualify harri ‘prince’ (so Skj B and Skald).



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