Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Magn 8II/1 — hjaldri ‘the battle’

Skjǫld bark heim frá hjaldri
— hlauzk mér til þess — gauzkan
— ramr vas suðr á sumri
sverðdynr — ok þó brynju.
Vôpn gatk fríð, en fljóði
fyrr sagðak þat kyrru;
þar fekk’k hjalm, es hilmir
harðfengr Dani barði.

Bark gauzkan skjǫld heim frá hjaldri, ok þó brynju; hlauzk mér til þess; ramr sverðdynr vas suðr á sumri. Gatk fríð vôpn, en sagðak þat fyrr kyrru fljóði; fekk’k hjalm þar, es harðfengr hilmir barði Dani.

I carried a Gautish shield home from the battle, and even a byrnie; this was my lot; a mighty sword-tumult [BATTLE] took place in the south in the summer. I got handsome weapons, and I had said that before to the tranquil lady; I gained a helmet there, where the valiant ruler thrashed the Danes.



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