Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Vǫlsa) 12I/1 — stýrir ‘the helmsman’

Verit hefik stýrir         ok stafnbúi
ok oddviti         allra þjóða.
Þiggi Maurnir         þetta blæti!
En þú, hundr hjóna,         hirtu bákn þetta!

Hefik verit stýrir ok stafnbúi ok oddviti allra þjóða. Þiggi Maurnir þetta blæti! En þú, hundr hjóna, hirtu þetta bákn!

I have been the helmsman and prow-man and leader of all peoples. May Maurnir receive this offering! But you, dog of the house, you take care of this monster!



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