Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hákfl 4II/1 — Eim ‘fire’

Eim lék hyrr með himni;
hljóp eldr í sal feldan;
vítt hykk þegnum þóttu
þeim markar böl sveima.
Óðuz allar þjóðir
(eiðvandr) konungs reiði
(baugsendir rauð brýndan
brand í Vermalandi).

Hyrr lék eim með himni; eldr hljóp í feldan sal; hykk þeim þegnum þóttu böl markar sveima vítt. Allar þjóðir óðuz reiði konungs; eiðvandr baugsendir rauð brýndan brand í Vermalandi.

Fire played on fire against the sky; the flame leaped into the collapsed hall; I believe those men thought the harm of the forest [FIRE] was surging far and wide. All people feared the wrath of the king; the reliable ring-giver [GENEROUS MAN] reddened the sharpened sword in Värmland.


[1] Eim: so F, Flat, Ein‑ E, En 42ˣ, Arm 81a


[1] eim ‘fire’: Eimr could also mean ‘smoke’ (e.g. Anon Pét 3/8VII), but that meaning is rarer in skaldic poetry (and unattested in kennings, see LP: eimr).



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