Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 19II/8 — hjaldri ‘fight’

Kvöddu kappstudda
kæris Norðmæra
hölða hervalðir
hersar gunnversum.
Gekk in geðrakka
gætis hásæta
hirð at hjörstærðum
hjaldri járnfaldin.

Hervalðir hersar kæris Norðmæra kvöddu kappstudda hölða gunnversum. In geðrakka hirð gætis hásæta gekk járnfaldin at hjörstærðum hjaldri.

The host-selected hersar of the litigator of the Norðmærir [NORWEGIAN KING = Hákon] greeted the vigour-supported men with battle-verses [BATTLE]. The valiant retinue of the guardian of rowing-benches [CAPTAIN] went iron-hooded to the sword-swelled fight.



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