Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 15II/7 — ór ‘from’

Mætti margfréttinn
miklum framstiklir
auðar óþjóða
inga gjörningum.
Leysti lábrostinn
lögr in skautfögru
flaust ór frónlæstum
festum bauglestis.

Margfréttinn framstiklir auðar mætti miklum gjörningum inga óþjóða. Lábrostinn lögr leysti in skautfögru flaust bauglestis ór frónlæstum festum.

The very inquisitive dispenser of wealth [GENEROUS MAN] encountered the mighty sorceries of the king of evildoers [Alexander]. The wave-bursting sea loosened the sail-fair ships of the ring-wounder [GENEROUS MAN] from the land-secured moorings.


[7] ór: af Flat


[7-8] ór frónlæstum festum ‘from the land-secured moorings’: Must refer to the anchors which had secured the ships to the bottom of the sea. According to the prose, the anchors became loose and Hákon’s ship was adrift until they finally caught hold. Frónlæstum ‘land-secured’ (l. 7) is a hap. leg.



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