Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (HSig) 2II/8 — borgar ‘of the stronghold’

Brenndr vas upp með endum
allr — en þat má kalla
hraustligt bragð, es hugðak —
Heiðabœr af reiði.
Vôns, at vinnim Sveini
(vask í nótt fyr óttu)
— gaus hár logi ór húsum —
harm (á borgar armi).

Allr Heiðabœr vas brenndr upp með endum af reiði, en þat má kalla hraustligt bragð, es hugðak. Vôns, at vinnim Sveini harm; vask í nótt fyr óttu á armi borgar; hár logi gaus ór húsum.

All Hedeby was burned from end to end out of anger, and that one can call a valiant deed, I believe. There is hope that we will do harm to Sveinn; I was on the rampart of the stronghold last night before dawn; high flame burst from the houses.


[8] á armi borgar ‘on the rampart of the stronghold’: Lit. ‘on the arm of the stronghold’. See Bǫlv Hardr 2/7, 8.



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