Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 21I/3 — þinni ‘your’

Fast skalt, ríkr, við ríkan
Rǫgnvald, konungr, halda
— hann es þýðr at þinni
þǫrf nôtt ok dag — sôttum.
Þann veitk, þinga kennir,
þik baztan vin miklu
á austrvega eiga
allt með grœnu salti.

Skalt, ríkr konungr, halda fast sôttum við ríkan Rǫgnvald; hann es þýðr at þǫrf þinni nôtt ok dag. Þann veitk þik eiga, kennir þinga, miklu baztan vin á austrvega allt með grœnu salti.

You must, powerful king, hold fast this covenant with the powerful Rǫgnvaldr; he is well-disposed to your needs night and day. In him I know you, master of assemblies [RULER], to have by far the best friend in the east all along the green brine.


[3] þinni: om.



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