Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 15I/6 — þínum ‘to your’

Oss hafa augu þessi
íslenzk, kona, vísat
brattan stíg at baugi
bjǫrtum langt in svǫrtu.
Sjá hefr, mjǫð-Nanna, manni
mínn ókunnar þínum
fótr á fornar brautir
fulldrengila gengit.

Þessi íslenzk augu in svǫrtu hafa vísat oss, kona, brattan stíg langt at bjǫrtum baugi. Sjá fótr mínn hefr gengit fulldrengila á fornar brautir, ókunnar manni þínum, mjǫð-Nanna.

These black Icelandic eyes have shown us [me], woman, a steep path a long way to a bright ring. This foot of mine has walked most bravely on ancient ways, unknown to your husband, mead-Nanna <goddess> [WOMAN].


[6] þínum: ‘þinnum’ 972ˣ, sínum corrected from þínum 325VII



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