Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfagr Sveinn 3II/3 — slóðir ‘trails’

Fœrir reiðr, sás rauða
rǫnd hefr opt fyr lǫndum,
breið á Buðla slóðir
borðraukn Haraldr norðan.
En lauks of sæ sœkja
Sveins fagrdrifin steini
glæsidýr, þess’s geira,
gullmunnuð, rýðr, sunnan.

Reiðr Haraldr, sás opt hefr rauða rǫnd fyr lǫndum, fœrir breið borðraukn norðan á slóðir Buðla. En gullmunnuð glæsidýr lauks Sveins, þess’s rýðr geira, sœkja sunnan of sæ, fagrdrifin steini.

The enraged Haraldr, who frequently raises the red shield-rim off the shores, steers the broad draught-animals of the ship-board [SHIPS] from the north onto Buðli’s <sea-king’s> trails [SEA]. And the gold-mouthed splendid beasts of the mast [SHIPS] of Sveinn, who reddens spears, advance from the south across the sea, beautifully covered with colour.


[3] á slóðir Buðla ‘onto Buðli’s <sea-king’s> trails [SEA]’: For the use of the acc. after the preposition á ‘on’, see Note to st. 2/3 above. Buðli was a legendary king, the father of Atli (see Akv, Am and Ill Har 4/3). The name also occurs as the name of a sea-king, and it is unclear whether the two are identical (see LP: Buðli 1-2).



number: pl.


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