Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfagr Sveinn 10II/4 — bragningum ‘lords’

Hætt hafa sér, þeirs sóttu
Sveins fundar til, stundum;
lítt hefr þeim at þreyta
þrimr bragningum hagnat.
Þó hefr hauldvinr haldit
— hanns snjallr konungr — allri
Jóta grund með endum
ógnstarkr ok Danmǫrku.

Hafa stundum hætt sér, þeirs sóttu til fundar Sveins; þeim þrimr bragningum hefr lítt hagnat at þreyta. Þó hefr hauldvinr haldit, ógnstarkr, allri grund Jóta með endum ok Danmǫrku; hanns snjallr konungr.

They have frequently put themselves at risk, those who sought an encounter with Sveinn; for those three lords little has been gained by their striving. Yet the friend of freeholders [KING] has held, battle-strong, all the land of the Jótar from border to border and Denmark, too; he is a clever king.


[3, 4] þeim þrimr bragningum ‘for those three lords’: Refers to Magnús inn góði Óláfsson, Haraldr harðráði Sigurðarson and Steinkell, king of the Svíar. For Steinkell (d. c. 1066), see also ÞjóðA Lv 9.



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