Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Valg Har 3II/4 — á

Bjartr sveimaði brími
(brutu víkingar fíkjum)
vísa styrks af virki
— varp sorg á mey — (borgar).

Bjartr brími styrks vísa sveimaði af virki; víkingar brutu borgar fíkjum; sorg varp á mey.

The bright fire of the strong leader surged from the rampart; vikings destroyed strongholds ferociously; grief afflicted the maiden.


[4] sorg á mey borgar: ‘[…]’ R;    á mey: á men 761bˣ, ‘[…]’ B


[4] sorg varp á mey ‘grief afflicted the maiden’: AM 761bˣ has varp á men ‘afflicted the necklace [of the stronghold] (i.e. rampart (?))’, which makes little sense but likely represents the R reading. For the possible mistreatment of women by victorious vikings, see Note to ÞjóðA Magn 7/5, 6, st. 9 below, Grani Har 1/1, 4 and Hskv Útdr 5.



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