Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Valg Har 2II/2 — sveyk ‘tottering’

Snarla skaut ór sóti
sveyk of hús ok reykir
stóðu stopðir síðan —
steinóðr logi glóðum.

Steinóðr logi skaut snarla glóðum ór sóti, ok stopðir reykir stóðu síðan of sveyk hús.

The furious flame quickly shot embers from the soot, and straight columns of smoke then rose above tottering houses.


[2] sveyk of hús ok reykir: blank space A, ‘[…]ein[…]n hre[…]’ B, sveins of hús en hreinum 744ˣ;    sveyk: ‘svéc’ R, ‘su eic’ , sveit C


[2] sveyk ‘tottering’: Hap. leg. derived from the second grade of ablaut of the strong verb svíkja ‘betray’ (see AEW: sveykr). The diphthong <ey> is secured by internal rhyme.



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