Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjóð Yt 16I/11 — bragnings ‘of the ruler’

Þat frák enn,
at Aðils fjǫrvi
vitta véttr
of viða skyldi.
Ok dáðgjarn
af drasils bógum
Freys ôttungr
falla skyldi.
Ok við aur
ægir hjarna
bragnings burs
of blandinn varð.
Ok dáðsæll
deyja skyldi
Ála dolgr
at Uppsǫlum.

Þat frák enn, at véttr vitta skyldi of viða fjǫrvi Aðils. Ok dáðgjarn ôttungr Freys skyldi falla af bógum drasils. Ok ægir hjarna burs bragnings varð of blandinn við aur. Ok dáðsæll dolgr Ála skyldi deyja at Uppsǫlum.

I have learned, further, that the creature of charms [SORCERESS] had to destroy the life of Aðils. And the deed-eager descendant of Freyr [= Swedish king] had to fall off the back of the steed. And the sea [fluid] of the brains of the son of the ruler [RULER] was blended with mud. And the deed-fortunate enemy of Áli had to die at Uppsala.


[11] bragnings: bragning J1ˣ, J2ˣ




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