Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ólhv Hryn 6II/1 — framm

Fláræði kom framm of síðir;
friðbann hóf þá ǫfund manna;
eigi má við ørlǫg bægjask
jǫfra sveit, þótt ráðug heiti.
Stórr vas harmr, þars stríddu harrar
stála hregg, þvít æ mun beggja
rausnarkapp ok ríki uppi,
ramri þjóð, meðan jǫrð heldr flóði.

Fláræði kom framm of síðir; ǫfund manna hóf þá friðbann; eigi má sveit jǫfra bægjask við ørlǫg, þótt heiti ráðug. Vas stórr harmr ramri þjóð, þars harrar stríddu hregg stála, þvít æ mun rausnarkapp ok ríki beggja uppi, meðan jǫrð heldr flóði.

Treachery emerged at last; the malice of men then led to a peace-ban; a host of princes cannot contend against fate, though it is called wise. It was a great sorrow to the mighty people when the lords fought a storm of weapons [BATTLE], because the eagerness for glory and the power of both will always be remembered, as long as the earth adheres to the sea.



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