Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Nizv 7II/7 — þeirs ‘who’

Eigi myndi undan
allvaldr Dana halda
— oss dugir satt of snotran
sælinga kon mæla —,
ef menn fyr sæ sunnan,
— sverð reiddusk at ferðir —
þeirs herskildi heldu,
hrafnfœði vel tœði.

Allvaldr Dana myndi eigi halda undan—dugir oss mæla satt of snotran kon sælinga—, ef menn fyr sunnan sæ, þeirs heldu herskildi, tœði hrafnfœði vel; ferðir reiddusk sverð at.

The mighty ruler of the Danes [= Sveinn] would not have fled—it is fitting for us [me] to speak the truth about the wise descendant of wealthy people—, if men south of the sea, who held the war-shield, had supported the raven-feeder [WARRIOR] well; troops swung swords at [each other].


[7] þeirs (‘þeir er’): þeir 20b I, 180b


[7] þeirs heldu herskildi ‘who held the war-shield’: For the possible insertion of this l. in st. 5/5 above, see Note to st. 5 [All]. For herskjǫldr ‘war-shield’, see Falk 1914, 131-2. See also Steinn Óldr 11/3 below.



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