Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Nizv 5II/3 — bǫrðumk ‘fought’

Undrs, ef eigi reyndu
ǫrmóts viðir gǫrva
bǫrðumk vér ok vǫrðum
víða grund — of síðir,
hvárt hugfylldir halda
— hrafn fekk gnótt í óttu
nás fyr Nizar ósi —
Norðmenn Harald þorðu.

Undrs, ef viðir ǫrmóts reyndu eigi gǫrva of síðir—vér bǫrðumk ok vǫrðum víða grund—, hvárt hugfylldir Norðmenn þorðu halda Harald; hrafn fekk gnótt nás í óttu fyr Nizar ósi.

It is a marvel if the trees of the arrow-meeting [BATTLE > WARRIORS] finally did not experience fully—we fought and defended the wide land—, whether the courage-filled Norwegians dared to protect Haraldr; the raven got plenty of carrion at dawn before the mouth of the Nissan.


[3] bǫrðumk: bǫrðusk Flat



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