Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Lausavísur — Sóti LvV (Harð)


Sóti, Lausavísur — Margaret Clunies Ross

Not published: do not cite (Sóti LvV (Harð))


Hví fýsti þik
Hǫrðr at brjóta
hús moldbúa,
þótt Hróarr bæði,
hefi ek aldri
hristi blóðorma
angur gjǫrt
æfi minnar.
The new edition is unavailable.
This text is from an old edition
Hǫrðr rænti mik
hringnum góða,
hálfu síðr vildak
hans of missa
en gjǫrvallrar
Grana byrðar;
hann skal verða
at hǫfuðbana
þér ok ǫllum
þeim er eiga.
The new edition is unavailable.
This text is from an old edition

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