Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Lausavísa — Tjǫrvi LvIV

Tjǫrvi inn háðsami

Tjǫrvi inn háðsami, Lausavísa — Richard Perkins

Not published: do not cite (Tjǫrvi LvIV)


Vér hǫfum þar sem Þóri,
þat vas sett við glettu,
auðar unga Þrúði
áðr á vegg of fáða;
nú hefk (rastakarns) ristna
(réðk mart við Syn bjarta)
hauka (skopts) á hepti
Hlín ǫlbœkis mínu.
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This text is from an old edition

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