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Dokumentation // Documentation ○. at 6.3.2019 2. English 1. About ONP 1. History and development 2. Recent developments

2. Recent developments

This is not currently part of the peer-reviewed material of the project. Do not cite as a research publication.

Recent developments

Phase 1

In 2005 the Arnamagnæan Commission took a new decision concerning ONP's lexicographical activities. Thanks to a generous extra grant from the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, three years were spent making all of the unedited dictionary citations available on the Internet. These slips, often in photographic form, are linked to images of the printed page from which each citation was excerpted, thus providing a broader context than the slip itself offers. The fruits of this project are what you now find via the Wordlist.

In the course of preparing materials for publication, a number of useful Indexes were formed and incorporated in their first version in the volume of indexes referred to above.

Phase 2

As a second phase of this digitalisation project, planned to last six years, a limited section of the vocabulary has been selected for draft-editing. The choice has fallen on simplex nouns.These are edited in temporary form by one editor alone, and only in one metalanguage (either Danish or English), to be posted on the web for comment and criticism. Other word classes, as yet only verbs and prepositions, are structured formally with a minimum of explanation. The results can be seen in New articles, updates, etc.

In January 2010 the management of ONP was taken over by Nordisk Forskningsinstitut/Department of Scandinavian Research, so the dictionary project is now integrated with the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen.


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