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Dokumentation // Documentation ○. ONP: Features

○. ONP: Features

This is not currently part of the peer-reviewed material of the project. Do not cite as a research publication.

This site aims to include all the information and features of the site at onp.ku.dk, and introduces quite a few more.

New features of this site:

  • Dynamic publication of articles based on latest revision date
  • Unpublished articles available to authorized users
  • Search citation text
  • Search headwords by wordforms in citations
  • Full list of manuscripts, not just parchment ones
  • View contents of manuscripts, and manuscripts for each work
  • Search citations for each manuscript (Oct 2017)
  • Browse works by category
  • List of forms of word under each headword
  • Search citations within a work
  • API (json/csv) — citation search, wordform search
  • View articles for each bibliographic item
  • Information on progress: number of words edited by month, words edited in each month (authorized users only)
  • Search citations by work category / genre
  • Links to bibliographic information in Gloss sections (Aug 2017)

Plus direct editing of data in tables:

  • Some more complex linked forms under lemma editing function
  • New solution for compact editing using the library at editablegrid.net
Features of old site now implemented:
  • List of compounds ending with word, with links to compound headwords (Aug 2017)
  • List of dictionaries (‘Gloss’) with link to Fritzner search (Aug 2017)
Features of old site not yet fully implemented:
  • Some problems with the structuring of complex articles
  • Browse next/previous page in citation view lacking

Features in progress:

  • Links and popups for mss, work versions, bibliography, etc.

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