Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Ótt Hfl 7I

[5-8]: The Prose order above follows that of ÍF 27. Skj B takes the clause following en ‘and/but’ to be frák ... ‘I heard ...’ rather than margr maðr ... ‘many a man ’. Kock (NN §726) adopts the reading þeysa ‘to make rush’ for þeyja (and hinn for an), and construes hinn yngvi rann lið Eysýslu þeysa, with a proposed meaning ‘the king went to put the people of Eysýsla to flight’ (but see NN §2780 for second thoughts). One problem with this is that it leaves frák … without an inf. (‘I heard about the wolves’ hunger in the east’), and the construction renna ‘run, go’ + þeysa ‘make rush’ does not convince.


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