Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Mv I 2VII

[5, 8] sælli meyju áhlýðandi ‘while the blessed Virgin is listening’: This is an absolute dat. (see NS §120). Kock (Skald; NN §1679) retains the dat. (sælli meyju ‘blessed Virgin’), but connects it with the verb inna ‘relate’ (l. 7) and translates it as åt den heliga jungfrun ‘in honour of the blessed Virgin’. This construction is unclear. Wrightson (2001) also retains the dat., but connects it with sanna jartegn ‘a true miracle’ (l. 7) (‘a true miracle performed by the blessed Virgin’). Skj B emends to sællar meyjar ‘of the blessed Virgin’ (l. 5) and also connects it with sanna jartegn ‘a true miracle’ (l. 7) (‘a true miracle of the blessed Virgin’). Earlier eds treat áhlýðandi lýðum (l. 8) as one nominal phrase, and Skj B translates it as i folks påhør ‘in the hearing, presence of people’. Wrightson has ‘to attentive people’. LP: áhlýðandi gives the construction as an absolute dat. with lýðum ‘while people are listening’. However, in OIcel. the -i ending in dat. pl. is late and rare (see ANG §435, Anm. 1).


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