Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Þloft Glækv 6I

[1] borðveggs ‘in the wooden structure’: Lit. ‘of the plank wall’. Here, as in previous eds, ‘-vegs’ is read as veggs. The gen. borðveggs could qualify either sæing ‘bed’ or bjǫllur ‘bells’. Kock (NN §1130), Magerøy (1948) and ÍF 27 prefer the latter, and this is followed here. Skj B prefers the former, suggesting the phrase refers to Óláfr’s wooden shrine. As to what may be referred to by borðveggr (a term also occurring in Vsp 24/5), Kock suggests the bell-tower, ÍF 27 the choir or chancel, and Magerøy (1948), by means of pars pro toto, the (stave) church building more generally.


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  6. Not published: do not cite ()


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