Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Hfr Óldr 3I

[3] á lesti ‘finally’: This sits somewhat oddly with tíð- ‘often’, l. 1, and it is not clear whether it refers to the closure of this particular episode, the victory over the Saxons, or to a wider chronology. A. Bugge (1910, 9-12, cited in ÍF 26, 264 n.) assumed the latter, arguing that Óláfr had proceeded from England to Saxony and Friesland in the summer of 994 and that the stanza should follow sts 5 and 6 (= 8 and 9 in previous eds).


  1. Bibliography
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  3. Bugge, Alexander. 1910. ‘Sandhed og digt om Olav Tryggvason’. ÅNOH, 1-34.


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