Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to ÞjóðA Magn 8II

[5-6] en sagðak þat fyrr kyrru fljóði ‘and I had said that before to the tranquil lady’: Reference to women is quite conventional in skaldic poetry, whether the mourning womenfolk of the enemy side or the exultant celebrators on the skald’s side, and Þjóðólfr presents both in sts 1 and 4 above (see further Frank 1990). The point here seems to be that Þjóðólfr had anticipated gaining the spoils of victory mentioned throughout the st., but whether he predicted this to a Dan. woman (as suggested by Bjarni Aðalbjarnarson in ÍF 28) or to a Norw. supporter (cf. the women from Sogn in st. 1) is unclear.


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