Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon (HSig) 8II

[5-6] svanni sviptir holdi manna sveiflankjapta ‘the woman tosses men’s flesh to the grinding jaw’: (a) Sveiflankjapta (m. dat. sg.) is taken here as an indeclinable adj. (lit. ‘the one with the grinding jaw’; see ANG §434). For the meaning sviptir ‘tosses’, see Fritzner: svipta 1. (b) The Hkr and Fsk versions have been construed as follows by earlier eds: svanni sviptir (FskAˣ: hefr svipt) sveiflannkjapta (FskAˣ: sveiflandkjapta) holdi manna ‘the woman tears (has torn) men’s flesh with grinding jaws (lit. ‘grinding-jawing’)’. Sveiflankjapta is then interpreted as an indeclinable adj. qualifying svanni (m. nom. sg.) ‘woman’ (sveiflankjapta ‘grinding the jaws’; see LP: sveiflandkjapti). That interpretation is, however, at odds with the Hkr prose, and we should also have expected the m. nom. sg. ending -i rather than -a (see ANG §434). (c) The Mork variant (svipts holdi manna í svarðar kjapta ‘men’s flesh is tossed into the hairy jaws’; so also H and Hr) is secondary.


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