Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Bǫlv Hardr 5II

[5] laust (3rd pers. sg. pret. indic.) ‘struck’: The second helmingr is unusual in that the verb laust ‘struck’ functions as the predicate in two parallel constructions (skúr laustmjǫll skokks [laust] ‘the rain-shower struck … the snow of the bottom-board [struck]’; see NN §1142). Skj B suggests the reading skúr laust á dýra skjaldrim á þrǫm skokks stokkinn mjǫll ‘the wind struck against the precious shields, against the ship-side, splattered with foam’ which is impossible because mjǫll (f. ō-stem) cannot be a dat. form (mjǫllu; see ANG §376).


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