Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Mgóð Lv 2II

[2] alin* ‘born’: Alinn (m. acc. sg.; so all mss) has been emended to alin to qualify dóttur ‘daughter’ (l. 4). The emendation follows NN §808. Alin (p. p. of ala ‘bear, raise’) is f. nom. sg., and we should have expected the f. acc. sg. alna in order to agree with the noun dóttur (f. acc. sg.). That form is, however, unmetrical (positions 3-4 in this l. must be filled by a short-stemmed disyllabic word), and Kock (NN §808) argues that the nom. (alin) could have been caused by the distance between alin (l. 2) and dóttur (l. 4). Skj B retains the ms. form and connects alinn with ótta (m. acc. sg.) ‘fear’ (l. 4), which produces both an awkward translation (jeg tvivler meget lidt om den av mændene nærede frygt ‘I am very little concerned about the harboured fear of the men’) and an impossible w. o. (see NN §808).


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