Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to HSn Lv 1II

[3] Óláfssúð ‘(“Óláfr’s ship”)’: The name of Magnús’s ship, which Sverrir captured at the battle of Kalvskinnet (19 June 1179), when Magnús’s father, Erlingr skakki ‘the Tilting’, fell (ÍF 30, 61). Magnús recaptured it in 1181 (see Context above). The ship was dedicated to S. Óláfr (for that practice, see Falk 1912, 32). For súð ‘ship’, see Note to Hharð Gamv 2/2. Skj B emends Óláfs to álfúrs ‘of the sea-fire’ (i.e. ‘of gold’) and takes this cpd as a determinant in a kenning for ‘generous man’ in which the base-word is the variant form eyði (m. dat. sg.) ‘destroyer’ from Flat (und eyði álfúrs ‘beneath the destroyer of sea-fire’). That reading requires an unnecessary emendation and the adoption of a variant that goes against the other ms. witnesses (see NN §1983). There is also a play on auði ‘riches’ (l. 3) and auðgrimms ‘of the wealth-fierce’ (l. 4) which is lost if the Flat reading is chosen.


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