Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to ESk Sigdr II 1II

[6] reiðorðr ‘clear-talking’: This word, which lit. means ‘clear-worded’ (cf. AEW: reiðr; greiðr), could also be taken as ‘wrath-worded’ (< vreið-), and Einarr clearly made a pun on this double entendre with the adj. glaðmæltr ‘glad-spoken’ (l. 8). Cf. Sigurðr’s nickname, munnr ‘Mouth’, even though this could also refer to his facial features (so Finnur Jónsson 1907, 204: en stor mund ‘a large mouth’; ÍF 28, 330: munnljótr ‘ugly of mouth’).


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