Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Sól 76VII

[2] Herðis ‘of Herðir’: The identity of this figure is also obscure. Bugge and Falk emend to Lævíss, a name for Loki, because of the defective alliteration. However, if Listvör (l. 1) were emended to Hlistvör, alliteration would be restored. For Björn M. Ólsen 1915, 60, Herðir is ‘the hardener’ (of hearts), i.e. the devil, an epithet which, he argues, may have been suggested to the poet by its similarity to Herebi ‘Erebus’ in Walter de Chatillon’s Alexandreis X, l.31 (Colker 1978, 254), translated into Icel. as Alexanders saga (Alex) by abbot Brandr Jónsson (Unger 1848).


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