Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Ív Sig 23II

[6] liðar Óláfs ‘Óláfr’s companions’: Óláfr was the grandson of King Magnús berfœttr Óláfsson on his mother’s side and a grandson of the Dan. king Eiríkr inn góði ‘the Good’ on his father’s side. Hence he was the nephew of Sigurðr (see ÍF 28, Genealogy II.3; ÍF 35, Genealogy II). Óláfr died in 1141. See also Knýtl (ÍF 35, 271). After Eiríkr lamb was elected king of Denmark in 1137 (see Note to st. 18/4 above), Óláfr contended with him for power over Denmark (see ÍF 35, 271), and it could be that Sigurðr was involved in the early stages of this power-struggle.


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