Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Heildr 9VII

[3] þeim er niðrar ‘the one which supresses’: The ms. reading ‘þeim er … nidra’ gives a sg. subject with a pl. verb. Skj B emends to niðrar, 3rd pers. sg., but retains the pl. form niðra in the prose order (most likely a typographical error). Hræzlu ‘through fear’ (l. 4) is understood as an instrumental dat. referring to the fear of God, which the army of righteous Christians uses to suppress the damage caused by sin. Kock (NN §2339) sees the Holy Spirit, rather than Christian people, as the motive force. Kock’s reading requires the emendation of þeim (dat.) to þann (acc.), construing gefr meinlausum her beinan anda guðs, þanns niðrar grimmu grandi hræzlu ‘gives the sinless army the helpful spirit of God, which suppresses the terrible damage of fear’.


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