Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Þjóð Yt 2I

[7] konr Dusla ‘offspring of Dusli [= Sveigðir]’: It is uncertain whether this kenning refers to a king of the Ynglingar in general or to Sveigðir himself. The word dusli is difficult because its transmission is not uniform in the mss and its reference is unclear. (a) It is most likely that dusli is a proper name. It may be a nominalized form of the adj. dusill ‘shabby, ragged’ and hence a nickname ‘the Shabby’ (cf. Lindquist 1929, 59), although ‘shabby’ seems an inappropriate notion in reference to an ancestor of the Yngling kings. (b) Noreen (1917, 2-5) reads dusla as m. dat. sg. of the weak form of the adj. dusill, qualifying dvergi ‘dwarf’ in the following line. This, however, involves a problematic partition of l. 7 (cf. NN §1782; Åkerlund 1939, 81).


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