Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Sigv Nesv 4I

[1, 3] hríðar gjóðs sigmána ‘storm of the osprey of the battle-moon [SHIELD > RAVEN/EAGLE > BATTLE]’: The similarity between l. 3 and st. 10/5-6, þás til góðs, en gjóði | gǫrt, has evidently confused some copyists. Various construals of the kenning elements in the helmingr are possible. (a) Hríðar (‘storm’, l. 3 end), gjóðs (‘osprey’, l. 3 beginning) and sigmána (‘battle-moon’, l. 1) seem to belong together, leaving gnýs sverða ‘din of swords’ as a separate and more straightforward battle-kenning contained in l. 2 (so ÍF 27, citing a parallel kenning, and adopted in this edn). (b) Finnur Jónsson (Hkr 1893-1901, IV; cf. NN §619) reads gnýs sigmána ‘din of victory-moons [SHIELD > BATTLE]’ and hríðar gjóðs sverða ‘storm of the osprey/falcon of swords [RAVEN > BATTLE]’. (c) Finnur Jónsson in Skj B reads góðs ‘good’ for gjóðs in l. 3, qualifying gnýs ‘din’, but this is weakly attested and apparently a lectio facilior; he reads gǫrrar ‘complete’ rather than góðrar ‘good’ later in the line. 


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