Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Ólhelg Lv 9I

[7, 8] hefr jǫrð ‘has land’: The combination hafa jǫrð interchanges with eiga jǫrð as the standard expression for ‘to own land’ (NGL I, 73, 76, 149). Adopted in this edn is the interpretation that the woman has land in Russia (see Poole 1985a, 124-9). A bride’s acquisition of land as part of the marriage contract was familiar practice; Hkr mentions in its account of Ingigerðr’s marriage that she asked Jaroslav for estates before giving her consent (ÍF 27, 147). Others have taken jǫrð as part of a kenning (see previous Note).


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