Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Ólhelg Lv 5I

[8] gramr ok brattir hamrar ‘the king and steep crags [Ingibjǫrg]’: This is an obvious ofljóst for Ingi (‘king’) bjǫrg (‘crags, cliffs’). Such disguises for women’s names are popular in mansǫngr (Frank 1970). Substitutions and paronomasia involving different heiti for the related concepts ‘stone, rock, mountain, crag’ predominate in the attestations. The names themselves often appear to be stereotypic, and that may be the case here. Ingibjǫrg is identified in the prose context as Finnsdóttir, but there is no narrative attached to the stanza, and chronology would scarcely allow this to be the daughter of Finnr Árnason who later married Þorfinnr Sigurðarson, jarl of Orkney (see ÍF 34, 63 and n. 1).


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