Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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N 648 (N648) - Søndre Søstergården, Bryggen, Bergen

This manuscript does not appear to be part of the Skaldic Project.

inscription; SRDB period: M b 1300-t; Norway

÷ hau÷grimi : felag ÷ sinum ÷ sen÷dir ÷ þorer ÷ fagr ÷ (k)æiþ÷iu ÷ guþs ÷ ok ÷ si÷nn=a ÷ san:na=n : flaskap ÷ ok uinato mart skorter mik felag eki : er * mun:gatet æin÷ki : fis:ka=r:nir ÷ uil ÷ ek : at ÷ þu * uitir ÷ en ÷ ægi : kræf þu biþ : bondan=n koma suþr til=l uar ok sia hut os liþr egga ha=n til en kræf þu eiskis luta mer ok ægi la þu þostæin lan=k uita sen mer hacka nokora eu ÷ sigriþ þæru nokos þa bioþ henne hiit þu mer ekki ueta hyþ ua=laþi

§A Thórir the Fair sends to Hafgrímr his partner his own and God's greeting, and true partnership and friendship. I am lacking much, §B partner; there is no beer, nor fish. I want you to know this, and not make demands. §C Order the husbandman to come south to us and see how we are suffering. Urge him to it, and don't make demands for more lots from me; and do not let §D Thorsteinn Long know. Send me some gloves. If Sigríðr is in need of anything, then offer her. Promise that you will not beat me (at all) for my poverty!



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