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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

7. Anonymous Poems, Lilja, 82 [Vol. 7, 654-5]

[1-4]: An example of the complex piety of the later Middle Ages: the poet tells Jesus that he is asking Mary to intercede for him. This theme is developed more fully in sts 86-7. The words of Jesus to Mary in the Revelaciones of S. Birgitta are a typical manifestation of it: nulla erit petico tua ad me, que non exaudiatur, et per te omnes, qui petunt misericordiam cum voluntate emendandi, graciam habebunt. Quia sicut claor procedit a sole, sic per te omnis misericordia dabitur. Tu enim es quasi fons largifluus, de quo misericordia miseris fluit ‘no petition of yours will ever come to me without being heard. Any who ask for mercy through you and have the intention of mending their ways will win grace. As heat comes from the sun, so too all mercy will be given through you. You are like a free-flowing spring from which mercy flows to the wretched’ (I.50 in Searby 2006, 141; Undhagen and Jönsson 1977-2001, I, 399-400).


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