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Vg 91 (Vg91) - Högstena kyrkogård

inscription; SRDB period: M s 1100-t; not skaldic;

Sweden: Västergötland
Location: Högstena kyrkogård, Högstena sn, Gudhems hd;
Swedish map: X:1377447 Y:6458436
Google maps: 58.2324,13.7191
RAÄ: Högstena 22:2

Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: Vg 91 M 
place: Högstena kyrkogård 
parish: Högstena sn 
district: Gudhems hd 
placement: Västergötlands museum, Skara 
coordinates: 6458436:1377447 
original place?:  
new coords:  
RAÄ number: 22:2 [objektid=10194400220002] 
rune types:  
cross form:  
period/dating: M s 1100-t 
style group:  
material/object: kistlockformad gravhäll, sandsten 
image link:  
rune text: -(e)idir : au : b(a)=rne : do : kona ¶ andræsa : præst : 
old west norse: [H]eiðr(?). Af barni dó kona Andresa prests. 
original language: [H]æiðr(?). Af barni do kona Andresa præsts. 
english: Heiðr. Of childbirth died the wife of Andres the priest.  
User-contributed fields:
references to women (MZ):  
magic category (CO):  
magic attitude (CO): neutral 
invocation to (DD):  
object (PC): kistlockformad gravhäll 
material (PC): stone, sandstone 
object/material translation (PC):  

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