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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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1. Skaldic Project Editors' Manual

1. Introduction to the project
2. Reconstruction of poems
3. Towards some editorial principles
4. Guidelines on presentation for submission
5. Guidelines on normalisation
6. Sigla for sources
7. Guidelines for the English translation
8. General conventions, abbreviations and bibliographical guidelines
9. Sample verses
10. Checklist for editors
11. ReykholtTimes
12. Analysing and formatting kennings
13. Web submission instructions
14. Sigla for the corpus
15. Changes in the third edition (TW)

(1. Skaldic Project Editors' Manual > 2. Reconstruction of poems)

2. Reconstruction of poems

This chapter concerns the identification and ordering of extended poems and lausavísur. Section 1 contains some basic guidelines on the practice to be adopted in the new edition, while the remainder of the chapter offers some headings under which the complexities can be considered. Comments on extended poems are based mainly on the secular encomiastic poems.

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A. Overview: handling of the corpus

B. Evidence for authorship

C. Characteristics of lausavísur

D. Characteristics of verses orginally belonging to extended poems

E. Evidence for existence of particular poems

F. Evidence for assigning verses to particular poems

G. Evidence for ordering verses within extended poems

H. Previous attempts to arrange the corpus

J. Presentation of (evidence for) reconstruction

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